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Guest strip no.9 by Caleb Sevcik of Zap Jones.

Guest comic by Caleb Sevcik

Caleb is the creator of Zap Jones which in just a few weeks has established itself as one of the best comics on the Web. In my book, Caleb is one of the greats. Intelligent, well-paced writing, strong dialog, excellent art - don't miss this.

Originally published on March 27, 2001. Caleb has not had much luck in recent years building a permanent presence and audience for his comics, which is a crying shame. Many of his comics have appeared and disappeared from the web, but Zap Jones is still available at Comicgenesis, and he's still got a collection of comics up on Modern Tales under the header of Robot Barber.

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Guest comic no. 9 by Caleb Sevcik The URL of this comic is


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