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Crossover! Before reading this strip, go to Purple Duck Mambo to see what last week's business with the ducks was all about! Then, go to Silly Cone V

Day one...

The purple duck is quite tenacious in the manner of all domesticated animals, and pulls Kell through the crystal ball into... what, exactly? In any case, there is more incoming.

Continue reading at No Stereotypes, and be back tomorrow at Silly Cone V.

Framed Matrix Crossover Day one The URL of this comic is


Problems with the crossover: 1) The referring links to ROCR from the other comics are out of date; 2) The reading order given is not always consistent; 3) The "No Stereotypes" archive is unavailable.

Obviously the solution as far as ROCR readers are concerned would be to have ALL of the crossover strips hosted locally on the ROCR archive. (Naturally Reinder would have copies on his own hard drive...right?) Of course this would require a bit of negotiation with the original creators, but from the fans' point of view it would be well worth it.
Posted by Lee M
Lee: Good points. It's been on the agenda for almost as long as the crossover existed, and is one reason none of the parties involved are likely to have a crossover of this nature again. Link rot in the wider Framed Matrix crossover began before the event was finished as the archives of the comic that the mega-crossover centered around, FRAMED!!!, collapsed. What with me going to Modern Tales, Glych going to Modern Tales and both of us leaving Modern Tales a few years later to go to our own self-hosted sites, it's consistently been a mess.

I have copies of the No Stereotypes part on my hard drive and may even manage to find them. Not the others, but they are available. I would have to negotiate for the SCV and PDM parts but not NS. So it would be doable. It's just a matter of when and how.
Posted by Reinder
I haven't made the big announcement yet, but I've uploaded the No Stereotypes episodes, set them up in the CMS and updated the links. I can't control the webpages of the other contributors, but I've contacted the Silly Cone V artist who is still active in webcomics, asking him to update his link. So while you can't just breeze through the crossover, you can now read it with some effort.
Posted by Reinder
There seems to be a problem with the content on Silly Cone V.
Posted by Oskar
I know...I just haven't caught all the links to it yet. Hint: if it says "link removed due to the domain now pointing to a porn site" on the first reference you can be pretty sure that any not yet removed links also point to a porn site.
Posted by Reinder
That's not to say that this old crossover hasn't been a complete and utter nightmare to manage once it was completed. I'm seriously considering rewriting it so the crossover is removed.
Posted by Reinder
Reinder, there is at least one more 'dubious content' link [url=]here.[/url]
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Posted by Spiff

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