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Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan archive list

The Green Knight's Belt
The Green Knight's Belt: The very first Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan story written and drawn in 1991/2. Introducing the gang as they pursue invincibility!
A Gang in Decline|The journey starts|The Beheading Contest|

The Rogues' major rival has been working to become King instead of the King. He has the support of a major guild and a magical artifact.
Uncouth visitors|Boiling oil|

An alchemists' convention threatens to disrupt life in the forest. But it also presents money-making opportunities for the gang.

It's Samhain, All Hallows' Eve! The day evil spirits stalk the earth, and the day Tamlin's gang hatch a hare-brained scheme...

The Death Warrant
The Rogues intercept a message that presents them with a major moral dilemma.
The message and the dream|The Poet and the Painter|Oracle, hag and faerie|The hunt for the Rogues|The hanging party|

Night of the Dragon
Kel is sent on an errand, and what do you know? A dragon kidnaps her. Reluctantly, the Rogues come to her rescue.
Night of the Dragon|

The Rogues hide from their pursuers in a brewery, only to find that that is exactly the wrong place for them to seek refuge in. Art by Remco Polman.

The New Sheriff
There's a new sheriff in town, and he's a nasty piece of work!
The New Sheriff|

The Stone of Contention
A solar eclipse is imminent and magic is in the air. Atra wants to go to a Witches' Sabbath and Jake has started to build an infernal machine. Little do they know that in a faraway land, Gnomes want them to do a dirty and unpleasant job.
Atra's Invite|The Sabbath|Gnomes|The mission|The Dungeon|Battle for the Crystal|

Musicking: Kel sings a little song.

The Faerie and the Earth-Pig
Kel is menaced by an old enemy, now more deranged than ever!
Scarabus|Heat Wave|Bedlam|Naked Faerie Fighting|

Duchess Gurn is kidnapped, and it's up to the Rogues, sans Kel and Jodoque, to rescue her.
Introduction|Escaping Winter|Kel and Jodoque Live it Up|The Embassy|The Book of Amoralia|The Search is On|Wolfmen Everywhere!|Sleeping with the Dog|Things to Look Forward To|

A very short story.

The Weakest Lunkhead
Tamlin is having a vision of the afterlife, which looks oddly like a 21st-Century game show. Even more strangely, the game comes with a tidy moral.
The Weakest Lunkhead|

Babble Banter Brouhaha
The Rogues talk, argue, discuss, debate, bicker bicker bicker.
Babble Banter Brouhaha|

Clerical Underground
Kel gets a visit from a group of hooded conspirators. Beware of hooded conspirators bearing ancient and hermetic documents!
Clerical Underground|

The Corby Clan
As Jodoque works on his invention and the witches try to come up with a spell to undo their earlier work on Tamlin, they are watched by birds. Birds who are people. And they hate witches with a passion.
The Corby Clan|

Dolphins and Dragons
Kel is plagued by nightmares, in which she is devoured by sleek marine predators. Dragons are wise; perhaps the one that was recently spotted in the mountains can help her?
Intro|Town Crier Network|Upstart Crows and Purple Ducks|Meat and Drink|

Sauna Opera
While waiting for the births of Kel and Ragnarok's babies, the gang spend some time at Leppiainnen's Sauna. Tamlin meets an old ...acquaintance.
Sauna Opera|

The Corby Tribe
Wythllew returns, and joins forces with a group of people who are implacably hostile to Kel and Atra for some reason
Return and Remorse|The Fire of Ungdomma|Waylay|Fire Elf|Ancestor's Bone|Punk Rock Berserkerettes|Sheep in Wolf's Clothing|Bait and Switch and Switch and Switch|

The Rite of Serfdom
Kel returns to the Land of the Gnomes to bring a sacred relic back to where it belongs. But she doesn't get the welcome she expected!
Family reunion|The Dyrtforabyggern|Haligstal|Stakes|The Consensus Faerie|Renegades|Darkness|The Rite of Serfdom ch. 8: Pairings|The Wythllew effect|Inside Ottar|Offers and motives|Trial, day 1|Trial, day 2|Grimborg|Home|Nitpicks|

Filler Story: A cute sketchbook story in which Ottar and Norla meet a time traveling human, and his companion.

Something is stealing sheep in Dungill Fens, and a strange young woman living alone in the woods is blamed for it. But is she really a vicious werewolf?
Prologue|The girl in the forest|The fox and the henhouse|Sheriff Hogsworth's lucky night|Inquisition|Home to roost|War of Nerves|Nothing but us chickens|