Heat Wave

Old sock smell + cloven tree =...

Scarabus awakens. Or something in him does.

Face the wrath of Wythllew!

Wythllew's interior design was done by M.C. Escher during a seizure.

A few days later. A stifling heatwave has started...

Even in the heatwave, Tamlin continues to work with attention to beer. I mean detail.

Tamlin finds a wild boar in his trap, and an earth-pig outside it.

The song Tamlin is singing to himself is, well, Tam Lin, a traditional which can be found on Fairport Convention's seminal Liege And Lief album.

I drew this on May 25, 1998. On May 26, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Perspective broke down the studio door and whapped me on the head with a large blunt object. I've got a little bit better in the intervening years.

The noose is loose and there's footprints everywhere! The foot! The foot!

The aardvarkian demon from the legends has arisen!

Slowly, Ragnarok, Jake and Jodoque make their progress through the forest, which is no longer such a welcoming place.

Marching on through the woods. The woods really do appear quite different now.