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Footnote and disclaimer

  1. I don't think Viking ships really carried boats, and small craft from the Viking era were usually flatter, wider and generally better-drawn than the boat shown here. If I had a lot of money I'd hire someone to draw ships for me.
  2. Most of my information about the Viking era comes from one book, Vikings : The North Atlantic Saga, which is beautifully illustrated and tells you all there is to know about the Viking journeys in the North Atlantic, including areas of dispute between historians. It mentions somewhere that the Norse had quite a bit of cultural contact with the Finns, and it didn't rule out that Finns traveled with Vikings, even if it must have been a rare occurence.
  3. I really ought to point out that while I put what little I know about Finnish culture and mythology into the strip (mostly from my collection of Finnish records and my reading of the Kalevala a while ago), the Finns in Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan are no more real Finns than the Visigoths in the excellent comic book The Replacement God are real Goths. The upside is that you won't see any of my Finns yakking into Nokias. It's fantasy, remember?

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ho ship behind the boat?

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