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what is the chain for?
To connect the two broaches, as far as I can tell. I found that outfit in a book on Viking culture which also had a chapter on Finns.
Posted by Reinder
that's some weird finnish! i don't recall seeing an i-umlaut like that before.
Posted by spinclad
I don't remember what might have justified the use of that i-umlaut at the time. It's been too long.
Posted by Reinder
I don't know about Finnish, but in other languages (Norwegian, English,...) ï as in "naïve" means that aï is not a diphthong but a sequence of two separate vowels.
Posted by Stig Hemmer
That is not Finnish. At first glance, I would say it is either Saame or Estonian, but it certainly is not Finnish, and I should be able to tell, as it is my native language.
Posted by Nova
It's none of the above. It's actually English.
"Stop it, you fool! We need to get into the city, like him!"
Posted by Brian
"We need =a guide= into the city, like him!"
Posted by Michiel P

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