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"You bastard! Why didn't you say so?"
- "Probably?"
- "Well, what do you remember about-"
- "Lemme get this straight - "
"I was about to take you home and-
- "You were, huh? Well, lemme- "
- "You mean you just might be unloading a big-chinned baby on- "
- "-and- "
- "Look, even if I am the father, you know just as well as I that that doesn't mean I've got a-"
- "It doesn't, huh? What am I, a- "
- "Look, you tricked me into bed once after 10 years of trying. What kind of a - "
- "YOU RAT! "
- "Hey! "

Exit Ethelfried, with Tamlin moving to follow her. Ragnarok holds him back.


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