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They're goats. They're not going to be all that cooperative.

"You girls could have been a little more generous," said Kel. The goats gave her a knowing look, as if to say "Well, you know what to do."

Still, there was enough milk for the breakfast table, and with some bread, meat, light ale and cheese, the day was off to a good start, with Fay contributing silence.

The following days were packed. The four remaining inhabitants quickly settled into a routine of washing, feeding, cleaning, milking, churning, cheesemaking, swaddling, unswaddling and all the other things that went into running a household with a small child. Jodoque went back to his job with the Town Crier Network, and as soon as he had some time, tried out some new ideas for his fire-breathing dragon. Atra and Kel found the time to prepare some more portable crystal balls.

In short, things soon seemed almost perfectly normal.

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