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"Sure you are permitted to," thought Tamlin as he waited for the door to open again.

Meanwhile, the footman had, at his leisure, tracked down Ethelfried who had secreted herself in the main hall of the farmstead, where she was entertaining a guest. The news that a man called Tamlin was at their door was merely an unpleasant surprise to the lady of the house, but it was a major source of consternation to the young man sitting opposite her.

"Don't worry, my child," whispered Ethelfried." I'll talk to him. You take your time... when you're ready, leave through the window."

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I do believe it's "leisure", not "leasure".
Posted by Sebastian Redl
You're right. I'll fix.
(That's the advantage of those captions - spelling errors are easy to correct, for once).
Posted by Reinder