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Return of the popping pongwhiffs... and an unwanted face from the past. the forest, the cold, wet weather had brought the Boletus Pungentus Foetidus toadstools, commonly known as Popping Pongwhiffs or Gnome's Garters, to full ripeness. One at a time, the toadstools' hoods swelled, then popped, releasing their rich and very organic fragrance into the air.

When all the toadstools had shed their noxious, spore-carrying loads, an irate voice rang from the inside of the tree known to forest-dwellers as the Dread Pine - or was it really the inside of the tree? The voice echoed as if from some nether dimension; from the sort of infernal, monster-infested space seen by the most inspired religious painters or anyone daft enough to eat a mouthful of Popping Pongwhiffs.

"Fie!", the voice intoned as a slim, tall figure appeared from the cleft in the tree. "How oft must I forewarn these rogues to quit their pongsome doings?"

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