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Stools of toad. I shall withdraw to my tree fortwith.

The fay Wythllew, for indeed it was she, looked around , befuddled. Gradually, it dawned on her that the fetid stench surrounding her abode was not in fact caused by the actions of rogue, gnome or witch.

"Stools of Toad!", she concluded. "Goodfullike, I shall withdraw to my tree forthwith. Let it not be said that Wythllew is wrathful against dumb-"
She was interrupted by a chattering sound that sounded like a laugh. Angrily, Wythllew looked up.
"What wight of waggishness whinnies at Wythllew?", she alliterated, seeking out the source of the laughter. From a nearby tree, a rook gave her an intense stare.

Wythllew is puzzled, and gets rooked The URL of this comic is