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Giddily, Wythllew pardoned him.

"Aw, I wuz jus' foxin' ya!," said the birdman. "I know yer technic'lly trapped in that circle. Wait!"

Leroukh, the most able shapeshifter of the Corby clan, quickly reassumed his bird shape, flew down into the circle and became a man again.

"Cryoouu mrust - ahem - you must excuse me. I spend most of my time in rook form. I lose my manners."

Giddily, Wythllew pardoned him. From up close, the enchanted man with his shaggy mane and beard looked, and smelled, even more dangerous than before.

"I'Faith," she lilted, and was again surprised by the way her voice rose in pitch. "What wouldst thou know concerning these dastardful knaves?"

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I love how anachronistically the fairy wythllew speaks
Posted by Angantyr