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That sure looks chilly. What does Ethelfried have to hide?

Tamlin quickly decided that there wasn't time to react to interruptions either.
"She spent many years trying to get me into her bed, but I wasn't interested. Until..."

Ethelfried listened with great interest, as did Ethelfried's guest, who was posted outside her window, taking in every word. The young man had lost the hooded robe which he had worn inside the house, which was unfortunate in the chilly weather. It did not seem to bother him much.

".. late last winter, we both had too much to drink one day, and she succeeded. Stupid! Stupid!
"It was wrong of me to let that happen, and it was wrong of me to leave you all those years ago."

Ethelfried pondered this.

"But you did, and you did," she retorted, with cold menace in her voice.

Recapitulation (again) and oh, there's a naked guy outside the window The URL of this comic is


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