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The conversation between Leroukh and Wythllew naturally turns towards the red-headed witch.

"What do you know about the red-headed witch," asked Leroukh Corby. He stared into the wine the fay had just poured him, unsure whether his body could handle it. Realising that in his bird form, he had often consumed decomposing carcases, he decided to chance it. "I understand that you haven't been out of this tree in years, but what was she like, the last time you saw her?"

"Witch?", said Wythllew. "Think not of her as a witch. She is witch second, mongrel foremost! Forsooth a fearless fighter, fierce on the field, but weak in witchery."
"So... what were her skills?"
"Nary a groat's worth! Had she not had hag-help, she would have been failful. That crone-hag Atra what for to do told her."

Like many people, Leroukh sometimes had to rearrange Wythllew's sentences in his head. When he got it, he couldn't help emulating her style. "What to do told she her?"

"Snare me with ruse!"

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also the alliteration is a poetic technique I find particularly pleasing.
Posted by Angantyr