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Scarabus the Dirt-Swine.

"My vassal, Scarabus the dirt-swine, was gulled to give unto me an iron five-edge, safe-vouching that it would strain my magery. Failed this, I took the chain, hoping to strain the mongrel's shapeshiftery with it instead. Everhow, once the chain was on her neck, she was iron-clad against my magery."

"Smart," opined Leroukh, as soon as he had translated Wythllew's story into Clwydian. Through the fog the wine had created in his brain, a thought nagged at him.

"Aye," said the fay. But 'twas the old hag's smarthood, not the mongrel's. She merefully took the chain and-

The thought that had pestered Leroukh assumed a more distinct form. "Shapeshifter?"

"'Tis a sooth! She can on-take the form of wild growth, or, hehheh, a fay of mickle might can force her to."

The faerie and the earth-pig! The URL of this comic is


I've seen forsooths and everhows, but it needs more forasmuchs
Posted by Angantyr