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Mundus stet.

"Friends," yelled Guðrún, "Glad you're here. We must- " But the others had already started the spell that Guðrún had in mind.

"Lex Naturalis non dura!," yelled Krakatoa, in the impeccable Latin she had drilled into her head at Wittenberg.
"Tempus fugit! Sumus Exemptae", drawled Atra, with a Clwydian accent that could lift a heavy horse.

"Wait!" muttered Guðrún under her breath while pawing at her dress. This was one spell that absolutely had to be performed skyclad. However, she had to finish the spell before the other witches' contributions expired.

"Mundus stet," she yelled, and as soon as she had finished, her dress became as rigid as rock. Carefully, she wormed out from under the unbending cloth, which stayed in the air where she left it.

Time had stopped. Whatever happened, there was no turning back.

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I can see that performing that spell while still clad would be embarrasing.
Posted by Stig Hemmer
It could be fatal if you had just exhaled.
Posted by Sam

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