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Whirly knotwork composition: Atra, Ragna,Gudrun,  the Oven of Ungdomma, a Fire Elf, Krakatoa, a Slime Demon, and Atra again. I really enjoyed drawing this. By the way,

Another few pseudo-minutes of silence followed. Atra was the first to speak.

"Well, Ragna is close to death, right? We need to buy her time."

"And the problem is," Kra continued, "that she's too old. She should be younger to have a child without problems. That suggests that she needs Fire from the Oven of Ungdomma, which is guarded by a Fire Elf and which it is illegal to even think of using."

"Yeah," said Atra. "The Queen will probably light our pyre herself."

"But," Kra resumed, "Using it on her will make the baby disappear altogether. Unless..."

"Unless we protect it with the Salamander spell. A highly-illegal spell that can only be carried out with the help of the Slime Demon, who all witches are under a standing order to destroy on sight, on pain of..."

"Yes, yes," said Atra. "The Queen will have to bring us back to life to execute us again."

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