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Me and my pals from Wittenberg, Potzenmacher and Weselherz.

But a minute or so later, Krakatoa looked perfectly happy with the idea of facing a riddling guard.
"You know," she said, "this really reminds me of my days at Wittenberg. Me and my pals Potzenmacher and Weselherz did this all the time, exploring caverns below the school, playing with demons, breaking all the rules. We couldn't keep ourselves out of trouble for a single day!"

"Potzenmacher," mused Atra. "The name sounds familiar...."

"Yeah. He made the news a few years ago, the poor guy. That last Archdemon was too big for him."
At that, she fell silent for a while as they trudged on.

Potzenmacher? The URL of this comic is


Potzenmacher = one who makes pots? Hmm.
Posted by Lee
Heh... no.
Posted by Reinder
Well, in a way ...

The drawings certainly remind me of three someones ;)
Nice reference, didn't even catch it the first time.
Posted by Sebastian Redl
Potzenmacher? The boy-who-didn't-live?
Posted by Thomas
The very same.
Posted by Reinder