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It never does.

The room was filled with gold, archeological treasure and the debris of a thousand royal weddings (an area in which history tends to recycle itself more than usually), but there were also other things; caches of arms, collections of artisans' tools, and a small wardrobe in the back. The wardrobe contained many items of clothing including dresses that could have been fashionable at any time in history. Strangely, though, the clothes came only in two colors - red and black.
"One color is timeless, one kills you stone dead."

The other two witches waited outside, Atra still fixing a frosty glare on the demon. Then Guðrún came out, carrying two dresses in what she hoped were the right sizes.
"I've always thought black never goes out of style," she said.

Not all women need a lot of time to pick their outfits The URL of this comic is


Red kills you stone dead? Is that a Star Trek reference?
Posted by Sam