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Atra took the slowly burning twigs. The fire seemed hardly to need any fuel. She led the way, apparently eager to be away from the Fire Elf.

Guðrún and Kra lingered, talking to the chained creature.
"We'll be back," said Guðrún. "We can't remove your chains now, but we'll be back to help later."
"Wait!" said Krakatoa. "The elf snarled at us. It must be able to interact with us..."
"Yeah, but... can you magic iron? We need something more physical to get it out of these chains."

The elf raised its head.

"Alcydia," it croaked.

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Spelling quibble: "lead the way" sr "led the way"
Posted by Lee
Fixed now, thanks.
Posted by Reinder
So the fire elf reveals that Gurn is actually Alcydia? But no one seems to realize what she is saying?
Posted by Smokefoot