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"Drat drat drat!" piped a girlish voice after they had put out the fire. A baby wailed. Waving away the smoke with the blanket she had used to stifle the flames, Guðrún looked for the others.
"Krakatoa, is that you? " she yelled at a dazed girl whose face was hidden by the smoke.
"I'm here," said Krakatoa from somewhere behind her. If she was any younger than she had been, it didn't show. She was, however, covered in slime.
"I hid behind the big newt, she said.", pointing in the direction of where the demon was last seen. It had vanished.
"But then... oh my..."

Now that the smoke was clearing up, the girl's figure was outlined more clearly. She was more heavy-set than Krakatoa, and shorter than Kra or Ragna.
Standing in front of the other witches, looking no older than eighteen, was Atra Cambrensis, mother of ten and voted 'Crone of the Year' at the 997 Mudslope Sabbath.

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