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That left Atra and Ragna alone with the baby.
"It's a boy," said Ragna.
"Have you got a name for him?"
"Well... only the names that Tamlin and I thought up together. I don't think..."
"Karakatoa helped us with the birth - helped save both your lives. She.. she told us about a friend who died fighting demons. Harold Potzenmacher."

"Harold... I like that. "
Ragna held up the baby.
"He looks like a Harold."

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Just as long as he doesn't take after another famous namesake and burn the cakes.
Posted by Lee
April 24th, 1976, Dad's job to name the boy, he's decided on Butch, Adler ( after planetarium ) Steve ( his uncle ) Switala. Mom says "NO!!!", 1. illegal, shorts for names couldn't be put on birth certificates, had to be full, which he couldn't remember at the time. 2. we're short and geeky, he's gonna be the same. i.e. they made an acronym and put that on birth certificate. My name is Bass, I've grown into it, but please put carefull thought into what to name children.
Posted by Mr. Switala
(Much later) ...or was it Alfred who burnt the cakes...?
Posted by Lee
Who's going to give him the purple crayon?
Posted by Sam