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A promise can finally be kept.

Guðrún signed the paper and gave it back to the goblin, which took a sharp turn and dashed off. She opened the package. "All right!", she hooted. This was what she needed to keep the promise she had made late last year, and it carried a strong message that she was indeed expected to keep it.

But it was brought to her by Racing Goblin instead of just being Transported into her lap. There was a message in that, too.

She grabbbed her broom and told her lady in waiting to "call Krakatoa Heklúdottir on the Crystal Ball network, and tell her to come to the house of ... uh ... Kel and Atra". It was not clear at the moment who in fact owned the house, but Krakatoa would know where to go.

A package with a message... and a half! The URL of this comic is


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