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It'll take a night by broomstick.

"It'll take a night by broomstick," said Guðrún. "Something tells me it's not a good idea to Transport there again - and in any case, it's a lot trickier without time being stopped."

Krakatoa agreed, and if the mention of time being stopped registered at all in Kel's mind, she didn't press the issue.
"I'll wrap Fay up warm then," she said.
"WHAT?", said everyone else in the room.

Atra angrily grabbed Kel by the collar. She was surprisingly strong.
"Are you seriously taking a three-month-old baby on a long flight to a castle owned by our enemies where there's a savage Fire-Elf and a fire that makes people younger?"
"Where I go, Fay goes."

I'll wrap Fay up warm then. The URL of this comic is


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