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Blink and you see it.

"All right!", said Atra. "I'll go and help the Duchess wrangle demons!"
"Ha!" scoffed Kel. "As if it's safe for you to take a long trip at your... age..."
Kel looked at Atra, blinking. For a moment there, she saw a young woman, instead of the elderly witch she knew.

"You were hit by the Fire, weren't you? AND you," she said, turning to Guðrún.

The away team is completed. The URL of this comic is


If you happen to have an updated link for Xenith, that'd be nice to see.
Posted by Tolrick
No idea, sorry.
Posted by Reinder
Aerie has decided to hide Xenith from her fans, but since then she has continued on to even greater things: The now finished Queen of Wands ( and the current Punch n'Pie (
Posted by Stig Hemmer
I've taken the link to Xenith out, because the comic has been recolored by myself now.
Posted by Reinder

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