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Kel emerges from the room with the red, naked fire elf, who seems a lot calmer now. The fire elf admires the baby, to the consternation of Krakatoa and Guðrún. Fay has a keen interest in the fire elf's pointy ear.

Kel came out of the room, trailed by the elf which was wearing a puzzled, curious impression - a common enough reaction when Kel was involved. She swooped towards the baby which had been half asleep by the door, picking her up and holding her up to the fire elf. The others were aghast.
"Ooh, she's a beauty," said the elf.

Evidently, Kel trusted the creature, and vice versa. As for Fay, she was not at all afraid of the large, red supernatural being in front of her, but the shape of its ears fascinated her.

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