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The fire elf, who just a few minutes ago seemed absolutely savage in her red, naked glory, now appears quite rational. Guðrún invites the fire elf to the Witch Queen's court. The baby interrupts the diplomatic process by pulling on the fire elf's pointy ears, with glee.

"Like I said, she's one quarter elvish. I think you can tell - can you?", Kel chattered on as the elf took in its surroundings.
"You freed me," it said.
"Feeling better?", asked Guðrún.
"I had... the rage. I'm sorry."
"Forget it." Guðrún hesitated. The Witch queen sponsored your release. If you'd care to visit her at court...
The conversation was interrupted by the baby, and not for the first time, Guðrún thought the reason Fay cried so little was that she was biding her time until she had an opportunity for mischief.

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