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Fay in the future, fearlessly juggling flaming torches. This is a point of continuity for the year 1013. Meanwhile in the present, naked Kel and Jodoque discuss the day's adventure involving a fire elf.

Kel slept like a log, waking up only to throttle the baby in her mind and feed and change her in real life. Fay seemed to know not to push her luck, in any case.

At dawn, she confided to an exasperated Jodoque that she hoped the child would remember something from her meeting with the elf, which Jodoque thought was unlikely and not worth the trouble.

But who knows? In fact, twelve years later, Fay Davignon would take up torch juggling, and got good at it very quickly, because she was as unafraid of fire as she was of anything else.

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