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While Jodoque resumes his work as a town crier, shouting 'oyez! oyez!', two small characters watch him from a distance. One of them, a green naked faerie, asks the other 'why do you hate your formforotheringfulhood so mickle?'

With the return of tolerable weather, public life in Clwyd-Rhan resumed. Suddenly, there was a lot to announce on the Town Crier Network.

"A Gnomian envoy is paying a visit to Clwyd-Rhan to discuss a cultural exchange."
A year ago, Jodoque would have been very surprised to hear about a Gnomian envoy, or indeed actual gnomes. He would also have been startled to know what creatures were looking down at him from a rooftop.
"Tickets for this year's Mudslope Sabbath and Contrée tournament are now on sale from your local travel agent, village hag or Dogwhat inn."
Kel had already got her tickets.
"Travelers are warned that there is increased banditry in the forests surrounding Dungil Fens. Reports suggest the presence of a new gang."

This last item was a surprise to the two ... characters... observing the town crier from what to them was one of the better seats available. They had plans for the Sabbath, and they had some idea what the Gnomes might be looking for, but they hadn't seen any of the new gang activity. Anything that could make life harder for the red-headed witch and her old teacher was good news, though - but never mind that; the report had ended and the show they had come for was about to start.

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