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Jake and the bejeweled woman, Mags Corby -  a match made in a fine jeweler's shop

Goggle-eyed, Jake decided to chat the jewels up a little. Perhaps if he spoke a few words to the woman wearing them first...

"Hello... uhm.. you'd better be careful around these parts. There's bandits around here."
- "Oh, I don't worry about them," said the jewels. "I'm well defended. You know how it is..."
- "Uh..."
- "As a gnome, I mean."
- "Oh! I guess so. I thought you were human. Silly, really."
- "It's because of how I speak. Did the Rite of Serfdom in the household of a human scholar. That really knocked some syntax into me."
- "Nice jewels you've got on"

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What happened to her shoes?
Posted by Tom
One of your quotation marks failed
Posted by Sam
Fixed, thanks.
Posted by Reinder