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Feel the energy in the homestead! It's one big party in there!

Kel had spent all morning baking bread on her own while Atra was visiting a sick tenant farmer, and the afternoon negotiating a lease with another tenant who pretty much walked over her throughout the proceedings.
Fay had been unusually loud and moody all day as well.

Jodoque had a lot to talk about when he got home, so for him to find Kel exhausted and both Atra and Jake in a pensive, introspective mood that evening was more than a bit frustrating.

Color by Drooling Fan Girl

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Note: The images are mismatched to the text in this episode. Fixing this may take me a while. Apologies.
Posted by Reinder
Oh! There they are! (Her shoes...)
Posted by Tom
The text/image mismatch is now fixed. I told you it would take a while!
Posted by Reinder

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