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Jake is brought under the thrall of the bejeweled woman.

Jake spent much of the next week on duck hunts, which were often unsuccessful. He hadn't mentioned the jewels to his comrades at all, but they were definitely affecting him.
"I miss it," said the jewels.

"The endless lakes, so much like this place, and yet so different"
"I'm from the dark woods myself," said Jake. "No lakes to speak of. But I know what you mean."
"Is it true that there are still some Douards in those woods?"
"Oh yeah! You know about the Douards?"
" ...Sort of. My great-great-grandmother was a slave."

Jake was silent for a while.
"It's great to be able to talk to you," he said at last. "There's a half-elvish girl with us, but she wouldn't know a Douard if it dragged her underground and fed her to the spider-goddess."

Talk to... well, some part of me that's actually part of me. The URL of this comic is


31-8-09 The top two panels are missing.
Posted by Lee
Hmm... they were also the "wrong" top two panels in the previous episode before I fixed that! That shouldn't happen though, because the image URLs are supposed to be set by the back-end as they are entered.

I guess this strip will get an early remaster too then. Thanks for pointing it out.
Posted by Reinder
Well, no early remaster. Instead I just retrieved the web images from the old site at Old sites are handy to have.
Posted by Reinder
But NOW it's remastered (March 2, 2011).
Posted by Reinder

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