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Carrots on yer hat, carrots on yer chest, carrots get everywhere. Babies are yucky like that.

Sanderon, the formidable old mage, wasn't looking as spry as the last time Kel had seen him almost a year ago. But he took a keen interest in Kel, Jodoque and the baby...
...which reminded Kel to go and pick Fay up from the old lady, who by then was quite happy to give her back to Kel. It occurred to Kel, as it had to many drunkards and mothers before her, that There's Always Carrots In It.
"Ooh, she's adorable," said Sanderon, ignoring the abundant and revolting evidence to the contrary. "Who's a pretty girl then? Oh, by the way, how's Atra?"

Babies = yucky The URL of this comic is


"There's always carrots in it" is a very Pratchettesque line.
Posted by Lee M
Dirty secret: I cribbed it from Billy Connoly. Although he was talking about drunks throwing up.
Posted by Reinder

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