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A heated conversation between Jodoque and Sanderon over the Crystal Ball Network, with Raven Corby looking on in the background.

Jodoque wasn't an expert at using the crystal balls, but the latest models required hardly any scrying skills. Still, Sanderon's image was often fuzzy and the sound very bad.
"Jodoque! Come to Mudslope as fast as you KCHHCHT! Kel has been phoikntchthpb!"
"Poiwhat? Raven, help me out! I'm no witch!"

"Poisoned!", yelled Sanderon. He wondered who the green-clad redhead in the background was.

Originally coloured by Sam Wallace of The unofficial Talisman Quest website. Sam's original colour files are lost, which is why this episode was recoloured for the remastering project in February 2011.

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