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Raven Corby is naked, red-faced and crying. Jodoque is not happy either

Jodoque gave his would-be fan a long, cold stare. "Did you..."
"Jodoque," said Sanderon, "She was with you when I called you. She couldn't have poisoned Kel. You, on the other hand, have some explaining to do. How did you get involved with this woman?"
"He wasn't involved with me!" spoke up Raven Corby. "I failed! Again! Poor dumb Raven Corby! And now I've spoiled everything!"

"Did any of that make any sense?" asked Sanderon, as Raven followed up her announcement with another bout of uncontrollable sobbing.

Original colour by Drooling Fan Girl. Recoloured on February 21, 2011 as part of the remaster project, because DFG's colour files were lost in the mists of, of, of, mists. The recolour is more consistent with the standard colour palette for this sequence, at the expense of some of DFG's original touches.

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