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A crying, naked figure sits in the tent. Sanderon the Great will make her listen.

"She'll be allright," whispered Sanderon. "but we're still looking for someone to feed the baby until the poison's left her."
"Look no further," said Ragna.
"Hold on to that girl," replied Sanderon. "It will be instructive for her to hear the rest of the story."
"No!" whined Raven Corby. "Please..."

"I'll have you know that I have ways... to make you listen!"

Originally colored by Jeroen Jager. Unfortunately, during the 2009-2011 remaster process, it turned out that Jeroen's colour files were lost, and the existing files could not be upgraded to the new size, so I have recoloured this page and made some minor improvements.

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Excellent non-quote!
Posted by Stig Hemmer