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Sanderon recollects some more. Fifty years earlier, he is naked and playing with demons.

"Where were we?" asked Sanderon.
"Corvinus Corax had bailed out of your little group," prompted Kel weakly.
"Oh yeah. And the three of us - Bess, Atra and me - summoned demons in the hope of getting them to help us track down some Ancestor's Bone. That was quite a task in itself, lemme tell you. Most true necromantic knowledge was well-hidden, and many of the rituals, uh, involved doing distasteful stuff to chicken entrails and suchlike.
When we got the hang of it, though, we were confronted with another problem: demons were invariably untrustworthy, crazy and stupid. Most of them couldn't understand our instructions even if they did want to listen to them."

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