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Wythllew tries her hand at spinning; Sanderon leaves Bess's cottage in a state of confusion.

Said Sanderon: "Sounds like Corvinus. Hard on the outside, soft on the inside. I should have listened to him..."

"Well, anyway. We spent many months putting together the Douard costume. It had to have a dozen different characteristics that would trigger the Obedience Hex that the Dopkalvar had put on the Fire Elves, or else it wouldn't be any use at all. We weren't helped by Bess' insistence on doing everything ourselves, in complete secrecy, or by the fact that none of us could spin worth a damn. Lemme tell you, faeries aren't all they're cracked up to be. Couldn't do shoes either, come to think of it.
"Where was I?"

Sanderon was lost in thought for a moment, then picked up again. "Strangely, whenever I left the cottage, I would start to feel that the idea of playing dress-up for the Shrinekeeper was silly and wouldn't work. And that Atra did look a bit nervous. But I'd come back the next day feeling really committed to the project anyway."

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