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The obvious conclusion and its consequences.

"Corvinus must have gone back to his youngest son's grave with Craig," said Sanderon. "He must have found it empty and drawn the obvious conclusion...."

"The two of them dash to Bess' cottage, where they find Bess finishing the potion. Corvinus, or his son, comes to blows with Bess. In the scuffle, the kitchen catches fire... and the potion is spilled over the Coraxes. Bess then uses the multi-generation Curse on them, that she learned from Wythllew."

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I believe you meant came to blows with Bess.
Posted by dogmen
I did! Five years on and there are still errors in the text. Bleah. I'll fix it right away.
Posted by Reinder
When you are used to seeing something, you don't notice the errors.
Posted by Sam
Actually it wasn't an error; Sanderon's narration had just switched to present tense. Restoring the original version.