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The green-ballooned monster strikes again.

"That worn-out mattress is your mother?" sneered Ragnarok. Raven Corby counted to ten in her head.
Perhaps unwisely, especially in the light of her own past prior to meeting Jodoque, Kel added fuel to the fire. "That's another thing that runs in the family", she quipped, causing Raven's boiling rage to seethe and bubble to the surface. "Hey!" said Jodoque as Raven growled.

Raven could not take it any more. She was not the kind of person to commit violence on a woman who was ill, but she still pounced in Kel's direction and wagged her finger. "I do not have to take this, OK? Ottar, we're leaving!"

"Yie!", uttered Kel.

Remastering note (January 29, 2011): The remastered version of this episode has both word balloons and captioned text. My policy during this remastering process is to eliminate word balloons in The Corby Tribe as much as possible, and to add captions where none previously existed, so that the format is more consistent than during the original web publication. However, this particular episode suffered visually from the removal of the word balloons, so they have been restored. The captions have been retained for consistency and searchability, even though they duplicate the dialog in the word balloons.

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