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A mop of terrifying aspect.

Once again, kel and her baby were greated enthousiastically by Atra, who was in her shirt, brandishing a mop of terrifying aspect. With manic energy, she welcomed Ragna and her baby into the house, although she insisted that the berserkerettes wiped their feet thoroughly.
On the spotless table, she then placed tankard upon shiny tankard of frothing ale.
And then, she explained that she had woken up in the morning with a feeling of profound relief, as though a black cloud had lifted from her mind.

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"A mop of terrible aspect". Heh. One little quibble: would the punchline not work better if the strip was below the text instead?
Posted by Lee M
Might have, yeah. It's not so bad though, II think, looking at it three years on.
Posted by Reinder

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