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Trustunworthsome and eee-vile!

Ottar said to his master, Leroukh Corby, that he of all the faeries had chosen the worst sponsor. "Wythllew is a hallow-wounder, trustunworthsome and eeee-vile!"
It might have been wiser for the young faerie to consider his station, or maybe to work up to the bad news slowly. But rarely do the fay folk learn such virtues until they are well into their year of Serfdom.
"How dare you insult our ally? What's got into you?" barked Leroukh.
"Be not winkhooded by your lovemanship, Hlaford! Your match is guiltful of misdoing mickle!"

Oththere saede to his hlaforde.... The URL of this comic is


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