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Leroukh Corby has a sudden change of shape, and of heart...

The moment Leroukh completed his change into his bird shape, a feeling of profound relief washed over him. Driven by instinct, he flew up, sought out the window, and took his leave of the Corby household and the human world forever.
Dumbfounded, Wythllew stared at the window until the realisation sank in - that he was gone and wouldn't come back. The curse had ended for Leroukh Corby as well. Raven whistled a simple little tune that grated on Wythllew's ears in the same way that the smell of socks offended her nose.

Paradise regained... for some! The URL of this comic is


Editing history: This page was a double episode until January 6, 2011, when the second half was moved to its own page and both pages were updated with higher-resolution art.
Posted by Reinder