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A problem is solved  by an unjobsome faerie.

Kel was about to silence her baby in the most obvious way available, but Ragnarok stopped her.
"You know Sanderon said I should feed your baby for a few days because of the poisoning," she said.
"Oh, come on!" said Kel. "I'm about to burst here!"

Jake the Gnome, who had listened into the conversation, stroked his beard thoughtfully.
"Hmmm," he said. "You know, I could fix up a pump like the Gnomian amazons use. That'd help you out with that problem, I think."

Kel sat down. "All right. But if you girls are all staying, who's gonna cook for all of - "
A knocking at the door interrupted her.

When Kel opened, she was met by a small green face floating at about eye height. "Unjobsome faerie hither," said the face. "Can ye out-help me?"

A plain, yet foodsome repast II The URL of this comic is


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