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Excsandas? The URL of this comic is


Something's not right with the Latin. "Excsandas", at least, contains a typo ("excusandas"?). "in verba malitia" also looks very suspicious - neither of the two words is an adjective.
Of course, since the priest probably doesn't understand what he's saying, that may be fully intentional, typo aside.
Posted by Sebastian Redl
This was copied from an actual Latin mass. After five years, it's not easy for me to say whether something is a typo or not, but I can tell that the spelling is widespread:
Posted by Reinder
Also note the title of the comic, which I did set at the time I uploaded the file to Modern Tales back in 2003.
Posted by Reinder
Sebastian is right. "Malitia" should be "malitiae", which is a typo on your part; your sources have it right. "Excsandas" is widespread, you say? Look up "excusandas" and you'll see the difference.

Translation: "Let not my heart incline to words of malice, to make up excuses for my sins."
Posted by Michiel P
I can't believe we're having a conversation that's spread out over nearly eight years now. I'll take it under advisement for the remaster process.
Posted by Reinder
OK, text has been corrected with the new remaster. I was nice and did not replace the priest's entire dialogue with Lorem Ipsum.
Posted by Reinder

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