Chapters First strip Cast About Fan art Downloads Blog Contact It seems like the mood is frayed. But at last we get some explanation of those uniforms.

*) Red Onion: An award given for extraordinary accomplishment in the Elven Underground during the Contention Wars. Because the Underground had a habit of dressing up as French onion-sellers, the Onion was a decoration that people could wear inconspicuously, or at least as inconspicuously as any French onion-seller could be in a society where both trade in agricultural produce and the wearing of any clothing at all were rare.

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So what happened to MacSweeney?
Posted by Kugyou
Good question! Once we get complete Ohnorobot transcriptions we should be able to track him down.
Posted by Reinder
I *knew* onions had something to do with it.
Posted by Lee
I think she's just making the third name up every time to make it sound more dignified.
Posted by Solarn
French Onion Seller? Now I can't get the theme from "Allo! Allo!" out of my head... :|
Posted by Hogan
brakeburn should just get a full-body stencil for her.^^
Posted by Finn MacCool

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