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18 months after drawing this, it's clear to me that I'd been struggling to keep this sequence clear, brief and interesting... the clarity suffered most. For the record, the paleontologist in panel 3 is questioned by Fafnir, not Isolde, and the heckler and his/her friend are both speaking from off-panel.
Posted by Reinder
For years I thought the paleontologist had a bandage on his nose for some reason. Now I can see it's his glasses. Why I would think he had a bandaged nose? This comic has all kinds of surrealistic humour and I thought I was just missing an in-joke!
Posted by Rgemini
I don't blame you. When I got this page ready to remaster and looked at it for the first time in years (today is February 29, 2012), I also thought the paleontologist had a bandage on her nose.
Posted by Reinder