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*)The Great Gourm: Leader of the Marsh Lutins, Wingless faeries who used to wage annual war on anyone who happened to be in the neighbourhood bearing shiny things. Now a semi-autonomous tribe within the Gnomian Republic. Unlike the Lutins of Wodeskog, the Marsh Lutins have a hive-like social structure. The male offspring of a Great Gourm are fed hormones that enhance their mental ability, guaranteeing that the Great Gourm is always considerably more intelligent than his subjects.***)

**) Red Onions: Military awards for the accomplishment of a dangerous mission. Other medals issued during the Contention Wars include the Purple Clove, the Nibbled Brie and the Grand Baguette.

***) That, at least, is the opinion of mainstream biologists. Mavericks have suggested that it is the subjects who eat food tainted by hormones which reduce their intelligence.

That's always my defense too. The URL of this comic is


This flashback style was based on El Goonish Shive, one of my favorite webcomics.
Posted by Reinder
Nice pastiche. I could have sworn it was drawn by Dan Shive himself.
Posted by Lee M
Good artists know how to imitate others' styles.
Posted by Solarn
I thought I recognized those eyes.
Posted by Silverwolf
Had the same hunch when I saw the last panel... and before I read the comments :)
Posted by Hogan
"Governour" in panel 5 is probably a typo. Or is it meant to reflect a Gnomian dialect?
Posted by Michiel P