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Homeric as in "D'oh!"
Posted by Lee M
I just love this page. I have to laugh every time I read it.

It's this wonderful building of tension throughout the trial culminating in this single, wonderful line.
"Sir, your prime witness ate soap and blew bubbles."

Brilliant storytelling.
Posted by Sebastian Redl
Been sitting here all night reading these from the beginning.
Brilliant doesn't do it justice... if you'll pardon the expression.
Posted by Tolrick
I'm flattered, thanks.
Posted by Reinder
Beautiful, beautiful!
Posted by Da5id
And served in that deadpan facial expression as well as matter-of-factly voice (as I hear it when I read it).... priceless! :D
Posted by Hogan
Still funny the fourth time through.
Posted by CornedBee
Still funny in 2018
Posted by Kirin