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Y'know, for someone getting giddy he/she wasn't very 'up'.
Posted by Kanto
Well, there are still some things I prefer not to show in the comic.
Posted by rocr
Nudity shouldn't be something you should be disgusted by, it's your natural form. It's refreshing to see it without any lewd acts aswell, this should be what children read rather then the garbage that gets forced down their throat from day 1
Posted by Recca
I agree. I think that the use of nudity in this comic is more focused on realism than sex, and that is almost impossible to come by in media of any form, at least
Posted by Loki
in my experience, is how I was going to finish that. accidental early post
Posted by Loki
Comic was remastered on July 9, 2012 with a minor change that was, er, inspired by the conversation above.
Posted by Reinder

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